Pie, Anyone?

Project Description

Pie, Anyone? was made for the game jam I organised and ran in May 2019 at University. It was the last jam of the year, and my last jam at Solent.  The theme was Take One, Leave One.

Pie, Anyone? uses the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons for movement, and so to play you need to connect Joy-Cons to your PC!  With Pie, Anyone? we won Most Complex, Most Fun and the student vote for Best Game.

I worked with Ethan Bruins and Bethany Cottle on this one.  Ethan took charge of the player controls and some art, while I took control of the overall game states.

I used the same state machine type I used in my AI unit to create a game state machine to manage the various different states of the game.  I used this as it made it really easy to keep track of each state.

Project Details

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