Undead V Undead

Project Description

UndeadVUndead is a game made as part of a University unit. The brief was a 2D game of a random theme. We were allocated the theme "Undead", and so UndeadVUndead was born.

I worked alongside some brilliant people on this including seven different animators from the animation course at Solent.  They were completely fantastic to work with.

As in Luna, I was responsible for all the code for this project, as well as lighting.  2D lighting was something I found particularly different as none of us had ever used specifically 2D lighting before.

Project Details

  • Purpose: University
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Device: PC
  • Project Manager: Seb Long
  • Game Designer: Harrison Kons

2D Artists and Animators

Peter Adrian, David Domingues, Dwayne Hylton, Ryan Tasker, Ian Carter, Firman Fitrianto and Amanda Ng

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