Click To Estate

Project Description

Click to Estate is a game made for a University unit. The brief was to make a casual "fremium" game.

In Click To Estate, you play as a real estate mogul collecting bricks to build their empire. The game runs on both Android and iOS.

The game is complete with an online account and leaderboard system.  I used PHP to interface with the MySQL database.  I chose to make the game 3D, using 3DS Max to create all the 3D assets and Substance Painter to texture all the assets.

This was a learning curve for me as I had never used Substance Painter before. For my first time, it came out quite well.

Project Details

  • Purpose: University
  • Game Engine: Unity
  • Device: iOS / Android
  • 3D Models: 3DS Max
  • Texturing: Substance Painter

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