Jaz Marshall-Porter

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Independent Game Developer
Third Year Game Development Student at Solent University

Skills & Tools

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Dog In A Box

Unity & Steam VR
Dog In A Box was made during the Solent MegaJam 2018 organised by our fabulous tutor, Kostas. I worked with a very close friend, Steve, on this and really enjoyed the experience, having not had the chance to work with him prior to this. The theme of the game jam was "Mans Best Friend". Having recently bought an HTC Vive, and Steve having purchased one prior to Uni, we thought making the game for Virtual Reality would be a challenge and it paid off, getting us second place overall. In the game you recieve orders for dogs and have to put together a dog based on the order that appears on the screen.

Title Screen In Level In Level
September 2018

You Can

You Can was made in two days for a world wide competition the team (Olly Mills, Ed Smith, Nikola Krajnovic and I) were made aware about on Wednesday with a submit date of Friday morning. The theme was "How computers can make the world a better place" and from personal experience I thought mental health was a very important topic and so our game was based upon this. Drawing from my personal experiences we settled on "The 3Cs from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy". You are given a random scenario and you have to platform through a level (C)atching thoughts, you then have to (C)heck the thought to see if it is a positive or negative thought, if it's a negative thought you have to (C)hange the thought.

With this game we took home first place which was a great honour.

August 2018


Inky is a mobile game for both iOS and Android. In the game you have to rotate a circle to catch the relevant colours that fly in from around the sides of the screen.

Title Screen In Level In Level
May 2018


Luna was made as part of the same university unit as UndeadVUndead. For this game we had to make an escape room of a randomly allocated theme. Our theme was "Virus Outbreak". I worked alongside some very close friends on this and am very proud of the outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed working on Luna, and this game holds a place close to my heart with all the art assets made by Seb Long, the entire game design done by Harrison Kons and all programming done by myself. I also employed the help of my sister, Daisy, for some voice acting and to record a song as well as my Dad who also took part in some voice acting.

April 2018

Undead V Undead

UndeadVUndead is a game made as part of a University unit. The brief was a 2D game of a random theme. We were allocated the theme "Undead", and so UndeadVUndead was born. I worked alongside some brilliant people on this who all pulled together well towards the end of the project.

March 2018

Click To Estate

Click to Estate is a game made for a University unit. The brief was to make a casual "fremium" game. I chose to make mine in 3D, making all assets myself. In Click To Estate, you play as a real estate mogul collecting bricks to build their empire. The game is complete with an online account and leaderboard system.

Title Screen In Level Leaderboard
October 2017

Waist of Time

Waist of Time is a 2D Sidescrollling Platformer where the player needs to use time manipulation mechanics in order to solve puzzles. The game was built over 5 days as part of a Southampton Solent Game Jam with the theme "Time".

March 2017


Unreal Engine 4
Czechmate was made for a uni game jam in four days where the theme was "Sports". In Czechmate, up to four players play as chess pieces boxing each other in a race to win.

February 2016

Color Jam

Unreal Engine 4
ColorJam was the first game I worked on as part of a game jam in my first year at uni alongside another programmer and two artists as well as a sound designer. The theme was "limited mechanics". It is a 2.D platformer where you use the coloured buttons on an Xbox controller to toggle the relative platforms in the level.

October 2016